Getting the Best Face Massager – Which One is Suitable For You?

If you’re not incorporating the use of a face massager in your skincare routine yet, it’s high time you do so. Facial massaging tools and devices are all the rage nowadays, but there are fantastic reasons why they’re so popular and why you should start investing in them today.

face massager
Face Massager

Why Do You Need A Face Massager?

Caring for the skin requires consistent effort. You need an effective cleanser, toner, and moisturizer at the very least; keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy food. But when it comes down to having a holistic skincare routine, using a face massager proves to be an excellent decision.

A facial massager is a device or tool that massages the face. But more than the relaxing and heavenly feeling of a massage against your face, using these devices delivers a wide variety of benefits. It’s known to improve blood circulation, which helps in reducing redness and puffiness. Facial massaging also improves skin tone, prevents and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making you look younger and more radiant. Finally, a massager is also an excellent tool that aids in the maximum absorption of serums and creams, so your skin gets all the goodness that your skincare products have to bring.

Choosing the Right Face Massager

Facial massagers come in different forms and types, and they vary in features and complexity of use. If you are in the market for the right face massager, here are the top qualities that you should be looking out for:

Types of Face Massagers

The simplest type of a facial massager is the rolling device which typically comes with a roller at one end and a handle at the other end. The roller device is the easiest to use, and it’s also the most affordable. There are also mechanical facial massagers which are battery-operated devices that come with rotating heads. Mechanical massagers come with different modes and functions, and they are also user and budget-friendly. Finally, there are ultrasonic facial spa massagers which are more expensive, basically because they deliver spa-like results. Ultrasonic massagers come with rotating massage heads that warm up quickly, allowing for a relaxing and effective massaging experience.

Costs of Face Massagers

The more elaborate and feature-packed a massager is, the more expensive it becomes. However, it is best to look beyond the price factor as different skins have different needs. If you are young with relatively healthy skin and fewer skin issues, a simple roller device or mechanical massager can work wonders. But if you have problematic skin, investing in high-speed ultrasonic massagers would be a great decision.

Power Sources

Rolling device massagers and rechargeable mechanical or ultrasonic massagers are perfect options, especially if you want to massage your face without having to be near an electric power source. You can take your massager anywhere, whether on a trip or holiday or while lounging on the couch watching TV. You want to look at the massager’s power source options to determine if it would be convenient and flexible enough for your needs.

Timer Features

The timer feature in a massager is handy because it tells you when to stop, preventing potential damage of your skin due to “over massaging.” Typically, a massager with a timer beeps or shuts off once you’ve spent the optimum amount of time massaging a particular area on your face, so you don’t end up rubbing your skin too much.

Reviews of the Best Face Massagers

There are so many facial massagers on the market that one can be forgiven if he or she thinks that every massager is the same. Definitely not. While most massagers might give you the same benefits, there are definitely some which works much better than the others. Here are the top four face massagers that we at Vivacity Asia have specially selected for our readers. Read on!

Original Natural Quartz Face Massager

The Original Rose Quartz Face Massager is a simple, easy-to-use massaging tool but it’s designed to deliver impressive results. The elegant curves of the roller’s handle adds extra firmness to it, and it uses silica gel cushion on both sides, making the combination of bracket and jade roller stronger and quieter, providing a better user experience. Both ends are also made of rose gold metal parts, securing them together tightly.

face massager

The wheels of the roller are the real stars of the device, as they deliver healing ions into your skin which helps reduce inflammation and puffiness. The Original Jade Roller is a simple yet powerful tool that gives the skin a relaxing massage without you having to deal with power sources, peripherals, and accessories.

Ultrasonic Face and Body Massager

The Face Lifting Ultrasonic Face and Body Massager is an all-natural massaging device that enhances and restores skin’s health, clearing, lightening and smoothing your skin. It also deep cleanse and moisturize, reducing the appearances of fine wrinkles and fat deposits on your face and body, firming your skin’s texture.

With a 1 Mhz ultrasound and infrared energy function, it can deep massage and treat your skin effectively, and at the same time perform a slimming massage to sculpt your body, eliminating face on your face and body and tone your muscles too. Different plugs are available for different countries (UK, US, EU & AU).

Overall, a great all-in-one tool for maintaining your skin and body health!

3D Face Lift Roller Massager

Made of premium metal, this 3D Face Lift Roller Massager comes two rollers to give the skin a tightening effect. Featuring diamond-grade balls which rolls on the skin’s surface and helps to even out skin tone, improves blood flow and skin metabolism and lessens dark circles and wrinkles. You can also use it on other parts of the body, including the chin, neck, waist, buttocks, arms and legs. As it is waterproof, you can safely use the massager even while in the shower.

Face Lifting Roller Massager

This Face Lifting Roller Massager is a complete skin system that helps in the reversal of skin aging. This is a powerful device equipped with electrotherapy microcurrent technology to serve different skin needs, addressing issues like fine lines and wrinkles, improving blood circulation and collagen production, treating spot acne and even stimulates hair follicle. This powerful product promises silent and painless operation while effectively targeting problematic skin.

Looking for something else to look younger? Here’s one way to combat your wrinkles besides these face massagers!