4 Reasons Migraine Hats Are Worth a Try

Migraine headaches aren’t just simple regular headaches as many people might think. The condition can be debilitating to the point that focusing on what you are doing is impossible. Light sensitivity, or every blink or slight movement can bring so much pain. You must know this well if you suffer from them often.

We know you’re always on the hunt for a relief from this condition. If you’re used to taking over-the-counter pain relief and want to try something new, this may be the time to try migraine hats. People often overlook their efficacy in relieving the symptoms associated with migraines, but they are worth a shot!

To help you decide, we’ll discuss four reasons migraine hats should be part of your pain relief arsenal. Read on to discover how these products can finally provide the respite and comfort you seek during those painful times.

Provides Natural Headache Relief

The first and most impactful benefit of migraine hats is that they give migraine sufferers the means to treat migraine pain naturally.

It may already be a habit to take pain relief medication, use heat therapy, cold therapy hats, ice packets or a wearable ice pack or cold gel pack as soon as you feel the onset of migraine symptoms, as these are some of the more common treatments. However, studies have shown that when you suffer from migraine headaches and take counter pain medication or doctor-prescribed medications repeatedly, the body may increase its tolerance to the medicine, leading you to seek stronger medicines or higher doses. The more medicines you take and the higher your dose, the higher the chances you’ll damage your liver.

A migraine hat is all-natural—it uses cold therapy to relieve you of the pain. Since it isn’t harmful, you can give it a try before jumping into medications. If the migraine hat works, you can give your liver a break and overcome your dependency on painkillers.

What if you’re having the worst migraine pain and the migraine hat only relieves the pain slightly? Instead of doubling up on painkillers, you can combine medicine with migraine hats. For severe headaches, you can even combine it with another migraine treatment such as a cold compress on another part of your body that could be related to the pain, such as your shoulders, nasal areas if you also have sinus pain or cheek jaw pain, or the neck, if you also have neck pain frequently. That way, you don’t have to worry about overdoing it with the medication. A combination of treatments work better too. 

More Functional than Ice Cold Packs

migraine hats

You may think that you do not need a migraine hat if you have an ice pack at home to administer a cold application whenever you have an acute pain or chronic headache. However, you might change your mind when you understand a migraine hat’s design and features.

Migraine hats, as the name suggests, look like hats or bonnets—they cover your whole head. For more efficient use and a proper fit, you can adjust the Velcro strap. Since light can worsen migraines, you can pull the hat further down to cover your eyes and give them some rest.

A migraine hat also comes with pockets of medical-grade liquid gel that target painful head spots during migraine attacks. This gel gets cold when you store the hat in the fridge. Unlike ice packs which you need to hold up to certain spots, migraine ice pack hats target all areas simultaneously.

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Neat to Use

Aside from the migraine hat’s thoughtful design, it’s not as messy as ice packs. Migraine hats keep your hair and head dry. No moisture will drip down and drench your clothing, your couch, or your bed. This means that you can wear a migraine hat and sleep off your migraine. With a migraine hat, you can stay in a comfortable position and even fall asleep without worry.

Extremely Portable

Migraines and tension headaches can happen anytime, even when you travel. Because of the highly portable design of migraine hats, you can take them with you wherever you go. Simply store them in a cooler and use them whenever you feel a migraine or headache coming on.

Once you arrive at your destination, keep the migraine hat cool by putting it in the refrigerator. A busy itinerary filled with various activities can tire you out and cause a migraine. In case this scenario occurs, you have your handy hat to soothe your aching head.

Which Migraine Hats Should You Use?

There are many brands and types of migraine hats on the market, so which one should you choose? When choosing a migraine hat, it’s important to consider several factors that can affect its effectiveness in managing your migraine symptoms, such as the following:

Material: A good migraine hat should be made of soft, breathable fabrics and hypoallergenic materials like bamboo or cotton fabric. Migraine hats made of synthetic materials may cause irritation and discomfort even if you wear it for a short while. 

Design: Choose a design that fits your head shape, one that provides coverage to the entire head. See that it also includes straps or closures so that you can adjust it as needed. 

Cooling or heating options: Look for a migraine hat with cooling or heating options. The former includes ice packs or icepacks headache wrap, while the latter could be microwavable pads, both of which can soothe migraine pain or tension headaches. 

Reputation and reliability of the migraine hat merchant: Check out the Google or Facebook reviews of the merchant that you want to purchase the migraine hat from. You should be able to form an opinion of the reliability of the products after reading some of the comments. Look for established brands that are known to produce high-quality products consistently. 

Price: The prices of migraine hats vary, and although it is important to invest in a good quality migraine hat for better effectiveness, there are also cheaper headache caps that you can consider. Compare different types of migraine hats and pick a couple of styles and you will find one that will fit your budget.

It is important to note that migraine hats are not a substitute for medical treatment or a professional treatment plan for migraines. If you have consistent headaches or excruciating pain instead of episodic migraine (episodic migraine is characterised by those with migraine who have 0 to 14 headache days monthly, while chronic migraine is characterised by 15 or more headache days monthly), you should consider seeking proper medical treatment. Consult a medical director or a doctor for proper diagnosis, effective treatment tactics and management of your migraines. 


No one should have to suffer through a migraine! Whether your migraines are intense, mild, or somewhere in between, migraine hats could be the perfect solution for migraine treatment.

Migraine hats are a simple, effective and convenient pain relief method associated with migraines and headaches. You can use them whenever and wherever and even combine them with other treatments for more effective pain relief. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about making a mess. So next time you’re reaching for an ice pack for headache relief, why not give migraine hats a go instead?

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