Choosing The Best Scalp Massager: A Concise Guide

If you’re suffering from hair loss or scalp problems, it will definitely help for you to massage your head or scalp regularly, and one of the key products that you will need is a scalp massager. What’s that, you asked? Well, a scalp massager, or some may called it a scalp brush a scalp massage brush or a scalp scrubber, is an easy-to-use device to help you effectively apply your hair care products on your scalp. This not only help you distribute the products evenly on your scalp, but it also help to enhance blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

scalp massager

Benefits of a Scalp Massager

To add on to what we have talked about above, a scalp massager can help you in deep cleansing your hair as it help the shampoo penetrates deep into your hair follicles and scalp to exfoliate and remove all the dirt and dead skin.

If you think you’re balding, you should start using a scalp massager daily now. This is because it also helps to enhance blood circulation and improves the oxygen supply, and also brings other nutrients to your hair and roots, promoting hair growth.

For people with dandruff, a scalp massager can help in getting rid of dandruff by removing the dead skin cells that have accumulated on your scalp. It also help to prevent flaking and itchiness.

For busy, working professionals, massaging your scalp relieves stress, headaches and migraines, rejuvenating and refreshing you for the day if you use it daily in the mornings.

How Do You Use One Properly?

Apply your hair care product to your scalp, and then use the scalp massager to massage your head gently from the front to the back of your hair, for up to five minutes. Leave it there for the next 20 minutes and then use the scalp massager to brush it for a further five more minutes and wash it off totally from your scalp and hair. Be careful to be extra gentle if you have a sensitive scalp and do not brush your hair and scalp too vigorously as it could damage your scalp and hair.

How Do You Choose A Scalp Massager?

With so many scalp massagers in the market, how do you decide which one to buy? We’ve decided to do the hard work for you – here are some guidelines.

Differences Between Head and Scalp Massagers

Head and scalp massagers have different designs and are used for different purposes. It makes sense to know the differences before you invest in a scalp massager. A scalp massager tends to have soft silicone or synthetic bristles that help massage the scalp and buff away dry, flaky skin while a head massager tends to be used more to massage the head when you have headaches or migraines and hence its bristles are usually harder and broader.

While both types of massagers tend to be about the same, some are used solely for the scalp, while some for the head, while some are definitely a hybrid of both. It it best that you check with the supplier or retailer what’s the use of the scalp massager before you make a purchase to ensure you get a suitable one.

Weight and Design

Usually, you should choose a scalp massager that has a sleek and light design so that you can also bring with you when you travel. Also check that it can fit anywhere when it comes to storage, and whether its design allows you to grasp it properly during use.

Some scalp massagers are made with anti-bacterial silicone to prevent the growth of mold and dirt, so choose this kind if it’s available.

Massage Modes

Most scalp massagers on the market comes with a variety of massage modes, or massage patterns, which can help your blood to circulate in different directions. While it is good to have as many massage modes as possible, a set of about 3 – 6 massage modes will be sufficient for you to use it to its maximum benefit. Some scalp massagers even come with detachable massage heads, though I’m always cautious of buying these because I tend to misplace them.

Battery and Charger

Most of the time, a single charge on the scalp massager should give you up to a week of use, but do check properly with the retailer if this is the case. Also, check how the device will be charged – is it via a charging base, or via a USB cable? Usually, a charging base will protect the device against dirt and dust, but a USB cable will probably be more portable.


Some scalp massagers comes with technology that provides the traditional massage styles of kneading, while some has 3D deep kneading technology that will fit your scalp perfectly for a perfect scalp massage. It does not actually matters, but what I can recommend is to check the reliability of the manufacturer, and make sure it is safe for you to use it on your scalp and head. A scalp device might have many of the latest technology or so it boasts, but do you really need it? Check the price and justify the needs.


If possible, test the pressure of the scalp massager before you buy as some people do not like their scalp to be massaged too hard, though most scalp massagers come with different modes of pressure to suit you, so it will be good to check that the one you’re eyeing has this function.

Other Uses

Some scalp massagers also can be used to relieve other areas of pains on your body, such as the shoulder, neck and back and some can also act as a shampoo brush. Hence, it might command a higher price. The question you must ask yourself is – do you really need it to have so many different functions?

The Best 5 Recommended Scalp Massagers

Now that you know how essential scalp brushes are for keeping your scalp and hair healthy,  take a look at these 5 scalp massagers that we have recommended.

Breo Scalp Mini Electric Head Massager with Bamboo Base

scalp massager

Sleek, compact and light, the Breo portable mini scalp massager is perfect for use at home, in the office or when you are travelling. With a sophisticated 96-contact design that incorporates the six traditional massage styles of kneading, oscillating pressure, trigger point therapy and longitudinal gliding, it is powerful enough to make you feel relaxed but yet gentle on the scalp with its food-grade silica gel heads that are gentle and not irritating to the skin. The massage heads are interchangeable so you can choose a scalp or body massage that works for you. With one touch of the button, it switches between three modes, including fast mode, slow mode, soft mode.

We also love the fact that it is cordless and portable. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, you can enjoy 3 – 7 days of normal use once you’ve fully charged it. It is also rechargeable via USB and can be charged with or without its base. Genius!

LATME Electric Scalp Massager

The Latme electric scalp massager comes with 28 individual nodes and 3D deep kneading technology. Its design of 28 nodes also let it fit your scalp perfectly, helping you to increase blood circulation and boost hair growth and health and also relieving stress and tensions in all parts of your body such as your back, neck, shoulder, foot, legs or arms.

This sleek scalp massager has 4 massage modes and is also cordless and comes with one-touch button function for ease of operations whether you’re in the shower or in the office.

What we really like is its long-lasting battery that’s also rechargeable easily. Great as a gift for your loved ones or friends.

Queenwill Electric Hair and Scalp Massager

hair and scalp massager

Probably one of the most popular scalp massagers on the market, the Queenwill scalp massager effectively helps to relieve tension, boost blood circulation to the scalp and head and improves your sleep because with thousands of vibrations per minute, why couldn’t it?

Made of high quality ABS and TPE materials that gives you a soft touch, its ergonomically-designed handle also provides a firm grip to let you hold it properly whether you are in the shower, in the car, at home or at the office.

The Queenwill has two working massage modes and is operated by one AA battery (which is not included here). You can just press the button once to switch between the massage modes, or press twice to switch to the other pulse massage mode.

Daiwa Felicity 5-In-1 Electric Head and Scalp Massager Set

scalp massager

This is a multi-use hair and scalp massager with a 5-in-1 design. Its deep scalp and body massage function stimulates nerve endings on your scalp and head, while its magnetic head massage function relieves stress and provides relaxation to the entire body. It’s good that the vibrating handle can also be used singularly without any of the 4 attachments that it comes with, on any part of the body for pain relief.

The face massage function gives a tingling sensation to the skin, stimulating blood flow and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness, while the shiatsu point massage function focuses pressure on specific points on the body, releasing endorphins, stimulating blood circulation and improving the flow of energy in your body.

We also love its affordability and also reliability and also its quick ability to charge the battery.

iKeepi Electric Scalp Massager

scalp massager

The iKeepi electric scalp massager is one of the lightest weight devices that we’re recommending here with its durable PET material. With two vibration massage modes, intermittent or continuous modes, that you can choose from based on your tolerance level, this scalp massager provides a great level of comfort and relaxation, and can give relief from stress and insomnia, besides helping to promote healthy hair growth and blood circulation. For people like me with frequent headaches, it’s a great and handy device.

However, its best feature is the auto-turn off function. This scalp massager will auto turn off every 10 minutes so that you don’t need to remember how long have passed for you to turn it off. Also, its hands-free design and affordability, coupled with the fact that you can charge it via an adapter, power bank or computer, makes this one of the best scalp massagers around.

Wait, after all these, do you really need a scalp massager? While there aren’t any scientific evidence of a positive correlation between scalp massagers and hair growth, daily massaging and exfoliating your scalp definitely helps to remove dry and flaky skin and gives you a more healthy scalp. It is a no-brainer to just fit one into your bag as you go about your daily tasks, and take it out while you’re working or just chilling out and start to do your routine massage.

Have a look at these ranges of face massagers too, while you’re contemplating whether or not to grab one scalp massager!