Buttock Cupping – A Guide for Beginners

What Is Buttock Cupping?

Buttock cupping, or butt cupping, Colombian sculpting or Colombian massage, refers to a non-invasive, non-surgical technique that attempts to improve the appearance of your buttocks. This body contouring treatment, which is based on one of the techniques used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is also known as vacuum butt therapy because it uses a vacuum device to suction tissue into the cups fitted to it. In the olden days, the Chinese used this cupping method to create strong suction effects on the skin. With a flame enclosed within a glass suction cup that consumed the oxygen in the cup, this process created a pressure that can suck up the skin, improving blood flow. 

The Benefits of Buttock Cupping

By using the suction technology to increase blood flow to the buttock tissues and muscles, buttock cupping can tighten, tone and enhance your buttocks to make it look more natural and firmer.

In fact, this non-surgical butt lift therapy has one amazing health benefit – it has been proved that a 30-minute session of buttock cupping is equal to you doing more than 1,000 squats! 

Since butt cupping derives from a Chinese TCM technique, it can help to eliminate toxins from your body, increases blood flow and reduces stagnation in your body. You will find that this treatment help to reduce your muscle pain and soreness in the buttocks. It will boost your immunity and you will see an overall improvement in your health after a few treatments. 

This technique for tissue stimulation has also been shown to smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of imperfections such as cellulite and excess fats. 

The Buttock Cupping Process: How Does It Work? 

Usually, an assessment needs to be made before you undergo buttock cupping. This is because the therapist needs to determine whether this is the best form of treatment to address your pain point(s). A treatment plan will be arranged for you if you are subsequently found to be a good candidate for butt cupping therapy. There is no need to prepare for anything before you begin your therapy sessions, although it is recommended that you wear something comfortable and that it will not interfere with the entire butt cupping process.

During the actual session, your therapist will ask you to lie down on your stomach, in a comfortable position on a flat bed before he starts the treatment. He will then put two large suction cups on each side of your buttocks, and use a vacuum to suction air from the cups to pull the skin and tissue inside the cups to promote blood circulation. The procedure, which will last up to 30 minutes, is very similar to the Chinese TCM form of cupping, but the cups used in butt cupping are much larger as they need to cover each buttock properly.

After the butt cupping session, you can resume normal activities as there is no recovery needed. To achieve the best outcome, you should follow the therapist’s recommendation and return for more sessions if needed. The number of sessions you need to achieve your desired results will depend on your current body wellness, the collagen and elastin levels, skin elasticity as well as your goals – what exactly do you want to achieve? Usually, you will benefit from between two to ten sessions, spread a few weeks apart per treatment. 

After the Treatment

Do note that after you have completed the entire series of butt cupping treatment recommended by your therapist, you should take efforts to maintain the effects of your therapy. To maintain the results of your treatment in the long-term, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Follow a stringent and balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine
  • Massage your buttocks and thighs at least once a day using a good firming gel or oil
  • Drink more water every day, preferably 8 glasses per day to help purge out the toxins in your body
  • Keep to a regular exercise routine, and exercise at least three times a week

How Much Does Buttock Cupping Cost?

The cost of a buttock cupping session can go up to USD120 in first-tier and/or big cities such as , but there are some countries offering prices starting from as low as USD50 per session.

Nowadays, treatments used for buttock cupping are more advanced – they are performed using a vacuum therapy machine connected to suction cups to provide suctions on the skin to stimulate blood flow. If the therapy house is using any professional machine such as this, it will likely cost a bit more.

Is Butt Cupping Safe?

Butt cupping is safe as there are no risks or side effects, although at times, some people may feel a slight tightness or pain after the procedure and some may suffer from temporary mild swelling that is harmless. It provides a quick solution for people who wants to improve the appearance of their buttocks without the need to undergo any surgical procedures and it will let you achieve that firm and natural look for your buttocks. 

That said, butt cupping is not recommended for people who have buttocks with:

  • open wounds or lesions
  • any implants, such as electronic implants 
  • acne or cysts
  • filling products
  • Patients with stents are also not recommended to do butt cupping 

How to Find a Good Butt Cupping Professional

Please ensure that your butt cupping is performed by a certified provider or therapist. In Singapore, some TCM doctors do provide non-invasive treatments such as buttock cupping but be sure to check out their education, training and experience with this procedure. Do not be attracted to outlets or therapists who offer extremely low prices, as these could be uncertified practitioners. 

Is Butt Cupping Really Effective?

Is butt cupping really effective in performing certain functions, such as increasing blood flow and subsequently decreasing muscle tensions and firming the buttocks? Although some patients have reported seeing results after a few treatment sessions, there is currently little scientific evidence to support butt cupping as an alternative to surgical procedures.

Most therapists will tell you that results are not permanent, and once you stop your treatments for a period of time, or stop your maintenance processes, your skin or muscles may go back to how they were before, or there may be an appearance of cellulite again. If you are looking for more permanent results,  you can consider more invasive procedures or surgical procedures such as butt implants, the Brazilian butt lift, or even fat transfers.

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